How to use THBillPay? TeamHealth Patient Billing Services Center

When the hospital has selected TeamHealth to offer care, you can pay your billing statement online via It’s one of the best and most reputable ways to pay medical bill online.


Team Health’s Customer Payment Support Center has travelled to benefit people by launching an online billing program dubbed ‘Thbillpay.’ It’s a safe way to pay your doctor and ambulance bills, both directly and via insurance claims, without any complications.

A quick procedure on your cell phone, and you can turn your energy to caring for your, tragically, sick loved ones. It is a user-friendly platform, carefully built to address the needs of general users.

These days, people are hesitant to use conventional ways of payment. Billpay gives its customers a simple payment choice. You will check your payment status at any time.

Why do you use THBILLPAY.COM?

Health bills and prescription bills are frequently in huge numbers. Transporting the same thing is a dangerous business. Often, often the bills have to be settled in a jiffy. Standard payment systems do not mean versatility in the payment of last-minute orders. All the problems have a common solution for Thbillpay.

Apart from being a simple payment choice, also helps users to check their purchases anywhere at any time. Again, this reduces the complexity of the documentation. – How does it work?


Thbillpay receives fees on behalf of emergency providers and clinics. Needless to say, the provider of emergency care or the hospital must be a client of this network. So make sure you pick a medical treatment provider or hospital wisely before the patient is admitted.

Thebillpay offers you three forms of payment options that can be used for your convenience. They are viz, payment by e-checks, payment by credit cards and payment by insurance premiums. There are a few standard specifics for all three processes.

On the website’s dashboard, you will see two choices for paying your bill online. There are the following options:

If you don’t have a billpay credit card, you should first know how important APR is before submitting your credit card.

  • Credit card number
  • E-Check Credit Card Form
  • Amount of charge
  • Code of Defense
  • Day of expiry of the credit card
  • Amount of TeamHealth Account

Requirements for THBILLPAY

  • The Health Team Account and the 14-digit account number. Your account number can be found on the statement you get from the doctor or medical care provider.
  • The patient number of the SSN (in case of retrieving your user account number)
  • Bank specifics like name, the form of account, etc.
  • Relationship with the patient.
  • General information, such as location, mail id, phone number.


Don’t get worried if you don’t have your user account number with you. You will quickly get it back. There are three ways to find the amount of your user account.

Your user account number is reflected in the document you get from your medical care provider or hospital, as shown in the image below.

If you have some concerns with your user account number, you should call your healthcare company or hospital. You should also call the National Patient Care Center at 1-888-952-6722 from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm ET and from 10 am to 3 pm ET on Saturdays.

How to Pay the Bills?

To pay the bills, take the following steps:

  • Visit the website.
  • There’s an e-check section here. Click the “Make Payment” link below. The e-check payment tab will be opened.
  • Enter all the details you need, such as your 14-digit code.
  • Click the “Submit” tab.
  • You should have to make sure the bank balance is in order before you do it. Is that enough for the new hospital or medical bill?

Pay bills with a credit card:

This information is needed to use your credit card to pay the bill. The following procedures must be taken to pay your bill with your credit card:

  • Visit the website.
  • There’s a line on the credit card. Click on the option “ payment” below. The credit card payment page will be accessed.
  • Enter all the information you need.
  • Click the “Submit” tab.

Paying bill via e-check:

The details needed shall be as follows:

  • Amount of charge
  • Code of Defense
  • Amount of TeamHealth Account

How to Pay Your Bill Through Insurance?

Provide all insurance details and cover your bills by insurance. The following steps are used to apply your information:

  • Visit the website.
  • You’re going to see the insurance section. Click the “Provide Information” button below.
  • Enter the amount of your TeamHealth account.
  • You’ll see a range of options, i.e. Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, employers’ compensation, cars, etc. Choose one of them.
  • Click the “submit” tab.

How to recheck your account?

Visit the website and pick the “Review” option just below the “Account” portion. Please enter your account number and enter the last four digits of the SSN and apply it. This way, you can quickly recheck your account.

You can also put meds and nursing costs on your bill. When you have two payments, one from the doctor and one from the hospital, you’re just going to have to pay once. Bear in mind that the hospital has to be contracted with TeamHealth to make use of these facilities.

Contact Information:

  • National Patient Service Center: 1-888-952-6772 (toll-free)
  • Timings:
    • Monday to Friday: 8 am to 8 pm.
    • Saturday: 10 am to 3 pm.
  • Postal Address:
    • 265 Brookview Centre Way, Suite 400
    • Knoxville, TN 37919

TeamHealth Near You

TeamHealth: Customer Feedback is popular in the USA. The reason for its fame is because of its hassle-free service. Almost 9 million people in the USA use this service and are satisfied with what they are getting.

On the other hand, there have been several reviews against THBillPay in regards to their website’s performance. They claim that sometimes the payment processing is slow or delayed.

However, the quantity of positive reviews is much more than the negative ones.

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