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TalktoSonic Drive-In Survey for free Route 44

TalktoSonic is a visitor Satisfaction Survey currently available at This Survey is carried out by Sonic Drive-In Company. A fast-food restaurant that provides several drinks as Milkshake, Frozen Drink, Soft Drink, and much more. Aside from these drinks, they too offer food items such as hamburgers, Onion Rings, Toaster Sandwich, chicken, and Fries.

Every restaurant would like to find out whether their clients are pleased with the services of theirs or maybe not, for that goal they conduct a client satisfaction survey.

You simply need to engage in the Survey and also offer your insightful feedback on the questions asked within the Survey. Your honest feedback is going to help the restaurant make improvements that are needed and think of better services and products.

You are able to get involved with the Sonic Drive-in Customer satisfaction survey at and answer easy questions. After completing the two minutes survey, you are going to receive a coupon code for freebies from Sonic Restaurants.

Before shooting the Survey you have to learn about the specifications, rules, as well as step by step direction. In this post, we are going to tell you about all these issues. Along with these, we’ll also inform you how you could enter the Survey many times as well as increase the chances of yours of winning iced tea or soda. Stick till the conclusion we are going to tell a couple of tricks and tips to go into the Survey a few times.

Sonic’s Restaurant Survey Details

Survey Prize Foundation Drink or Iced Tea
Location US
Age Must be 18+
Entry Limit Unlimited Times
Receipt Validity 14 Days
Coupon Code Validity 60 Days

Prizes and Rewards

By participating in the Survey and finishing the Survey effectively, you will be capable of getting the Free Sonic Route forty-four Drink, including the following:

  • Totally free Iced Tea
  • Gentle Drink
  • Limeades
  • Slush

But below, you have to understand a single thing you cannot have all of these prizes on a single coupon as a single coupon will entertain one prize. Thus, you’ve to pick just one drink from these.

Please note that rewards might be varied based on the participating restaurant.

Talk To Sonic Drive Survey Rules

There are several laws & rules of TalktoSonic Survey that you have to think about before entering the Survey. Therefore, let’s have a glimpse at these rules:

  • You should take the Survey within fourteen days after purchase.
  • You’ve redeemed the coupon code within sixty days; after sixty days, the coupon code will expire.
  • The workers of Sonic can’t participate in talktosonic surveys.
  • You can enter the Survey just one time on one receipt.

Requirements – Talktosonic Survey

If you’re keen on filling out the Survey, you must understand the following requirements: You’ve created a purchase at the Sonic Store.

  • You need to come with an electronic device like a laptop computer, smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  • Should have a dependable connection to the internet.
  • The Survey is just offered in English along with the Spanish Language. You must understand how to read as well as write either of those languages.
  • Should be considered a legitimate resident of the Country of America.
  • The age of yours should be eighteen years old or higher at the time of shooting the Survey.
  • You must have a valid receipt together with the survey invitation code.

How to Enter TalktoSonic Survey?

To win the Sonic Route forty-four or maybe Fountain Drink, you have to comply with several easy things stated below and be sure to check out the conditions and conditions.

Conditions and terms First

You’ve to go to the sonic drive-in and create a purchase. Do not forget to protect your receipt with you since it has the survey code to enter for beginning the Survey. Make sure your receipt isn’t older than fourteen days.

You can take part in a talktosonic survey one time per receipt.

In case you go into the Survey as well as have the coupon code for a beverage that is free, then you have to redeem the coupon within sixty days.

Measures to get into TalktoSonic

Sonic survey- TalktoSonic

Sonic survey

  • First, of many, go to the official site of discussion to sonic at (click here to visit)
  • Choose the language that you wish to carry the Survey. The Survey can be obtained in 2 languages English and Spanish, which means you can pick anybody from these 2. Be sure to buy the language that you feel cozy in.
  • Enter the ID number that, indeed, pointed out at the bottom part of the receipt.
  • And then click Start. You’ll then proceed through several straightforward questions about restaurant cleanliness, environment, service quality, and staff behavior. Rate each issue at best to worst a scale provided.
  • Answer all of the questions, so Sonic requires action to enhance the places that require attention.
  • After the questions are finished, get into the contact info like your full name, phone number, address, and email id after the Survey.
  • Lastly, you are going to receive a talktosonic coupon code after finishing the Survey. Please write it down on the receipt and ensure that it stays protected until your next visit.

Clearly show the coupon code at the sonic drive in place and redeem a complimentary Drink or maybe Iced Tea.

Questions asked at

Below are the questions that are requested in the talktosonic feedback survey:

  • To begin with, you’ve to rate the satisfaction level of yours at the shop.
  • Next, you’ve to tell which products you ordered at the shop on the recent visit.
  • Just how was the caliber of the drinks and foods offered at the shop?
  • Just how were the services and amenities at the shop?
  • Next, you will be asked about the actions of the staff.
  • You’ll also be asked whether you’ve faced any issues during the very last visit of yours.
  • Efficiency and accuracy of the purchase received. (was the company slow?)
  • Afterward, you may be asked questions like Is the cost of the merchandise justifiable or perhaps not?
  • To keep track of the Talktosonic submissions and Sweepstakes, Sonic’s management will ask you for specific private info like Phone Number, Address, and Name.
  • This private info is kept private, and it is not useful for advertising purposes or even sold out to anybody outside of the restaurant’s management.

This’s all of you’ve to do to WIN a FREE Fountain drink or maybe Route forty-four drinks from Sonic Drive.

What if the TalktoSonic Survey isn’t available?

In case you’re experiencing problems with shooting the Surveyor, maybe the TalktoSonic site isn’t loading, try refreshing the page a couple of occasions.

Sonic uses a Third-party service from Service Management Group SMG, which might be done because of excessive traffic to your site.

Reloading the page a couple of times is going to fix the problem of yours.

Enter Survey much more than once

Based on the rules on the Survey, you can take part in the Survey just one time. Nevertheless, if you would like to enter the Survey many times, you have to find some points.

When you begin having the Survey at, airers4you gets access to the IP address and MAC address. An IP address is a unique code of the Internet connection of yours, and the MAC address is your respective in-use device’s unique code. When you would like to pack the Survey more than once, you’ve to alter the IP address and the MAC address. You can change the IP address of yours by using a brand new connection to the internet. You can use your friends or maybe a neighbor’s connection to the internet. Similarly, you can alter the MAC address of yours by using an additional electronic gadget. Like, use a tablet or even laptop next time, rather than the smartphone of yours.

Tricks and Tips

  • Firstly, change your online connection to get a brand new IP address.
  • Secondly, change the unit of yours to get a brand new MAC address.
  • Thirdly, change the private details of yours from which entered last time.

Talktosonic Secret Hack [Bonus]

The key to the Survey is that you can buy as many FREE Drinks as you love. You need to make a purchase and type in the Talk to Sonic to get one extra promotional offer at no cost.

More bills you’ve. Additional entries you can make!?

Try this second time on the visit of yours and let us all know it goes.

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