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Who doesn’t know about the retail-store giant, The Kmart? Well, they are in the talks nowadays as they are giving you a chance to Win $500 Gift Card via their sweepstakes competition.

How can you get your hands on that opportunity right away? It’s fairly simple. You just need to give the Kmart Customer Feedback Survey and get yourself enlisted for the sweepstake prize.

The KmartFeedback Customer Experience Survey at is being hosted online by Kmart for ease of access for the loyal Kmart customer.

Furthermore, your feedback at KmartFeedback is not only for the purpose of giving you a prize, also it uses your most valuable feedback for the cause of improving their services, upgrading their services, and enhancing the overall quality of customer experience so that once you return to their store, you can have a rather pleasant experience than your previous visit.

Every business whether it be Apple, Samsung, Amazon, or even a giant like Kmart, they all require feedback for the purpose of continuous innovations. In return, Kmart will bless you with a chance to win a reward.

Note: Your type of review doesn’t matter, and it will not be held against you or decline your probability to get the Kmart’s ( $500 Gift Card. It can be a favorable review, or it can be a criticism. Nevertheless, it must be honest.

KmartFeedback Sweepstake Prize/Reward

KmartFeedback Reward

KmartFeedback Reward

The KmartFeedback only takes a few minutes to take and once you take that Kmart Guest Survey you will be automatically inducted into the $500 Gift Card Kmart Sweepstake.

By giving your genuine feedback which is honest and real, Kmart will reward you by giving you a chance to win something huge. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on this opportunity right now. But, WAIT!

Firstly, read all of the terms and conditions set by Kmart Guest Experience Survey Team in addition to the rules for the eligibility criteria.

Details About KmartFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey at

Retail Company Kmart Corporation®
Survey Name Kmart Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website
Survey Requirements – Receipt of Purchase from Kmart (containing the 19-digit receipt number)

– Valid Email ID

– Valid Contact Information

Survey Prize $500 Gift Card
Survey Type Online
Language – English

– Spanish

Country Residents of the USA
Age 18 Years and more
Survey Limit 1 Receipt Per Person
Customer Care No. 1-800-377-8634

Kmart Feedback Guest Survey at Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions i.e. the rules set by Kmart for their customers for the KmartFeedback are as follow:

  • Restriction of Age: 18 Years and more. People who are younger than 18 years are not allowed to take part in the survey although if you want to be a part of the survey then you can ask someone older whom you trust to take the survey for you in your place.
  • Prize (Cash): All the prizes won from Kmart after the KmartFeedback are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
  • Countries: Only residents of the USA can take part in the competition.
  • Personnel Restrictions: Kmart Corporation employees and their partners are not allowed to take part in the survey as per to keep things fair.

Requirements Needed to take part in the Kmart Feedback Guest Satisfaction Survey

At KmartFeedback you need to follow the below set of requirements to be able to get hands on the Kmart’s sweepstake prize:

  • The receipt of purchase from Kmart is needed that contains a 19-digits receipt number. Secondly, only the residents of the USA can take part in the KmartFeedback Survey.
  • A valid Email ID and Contact Information is required.
  • You can take the survey in two languages: English or Spanish.
  • All of the required Duty or Charges must be paid by the winner if any.
  • The prizes that you will win at Kmart Retail-Store are non-transferable to anyone.
  • Your internet connection must be working correctly on your PC, Laptop, or Cell Phone so that if Kmart wants to communicate with you, they can easily do it.

Guide to complete the KmartFeedback Survey at for $500 Gift Card

To complete the KmartFeedback Guest Survey you need to fill the survey form by following the below mentioned steps as if you fill it like the way our team guides you to do it, your chances at winning the Kmart’s $500 Gift Card will considerably get higher:

  1. Go to the button at the bottom of this article to start your KmartFeedback survey at
  2. Select the language with which you are comfortable with: English or Spanish.

    Select Language - KmartFeedback

    Select Language – KmartFeedback

  3. Now take out your purchase receipt from Kmart and locate the 19-Digit Receipt Number. Enter it into the survey portal.
    KmartFeedback Receipt

    KmartFeedback Receipt

    Receipt Number - KmartFeedback

    Receipt Number – KmartFeedback

  4. After entering the number, click on Next.
  5. From there, you will be asked to rate the services offered by Kmart regarding your experience at their store. Give the feedback as honestly as you can so you won’t get the need to overthink it. Just rate/fill the questionnaire with as much honesty as you can.
  6. You can select any option ranging from highly dissatisfied to highly satisfied. Answers should be based upon your personal experience.
  7. Try filling out the entire questionnaire Don’t leave anything out.
  8. At the end, you must fulfill your personal details to confirm your entry in the sweepstake lucky draw.
  9. They will ask you to fill your:
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Age
    • Etc.
  10. In the end, submit your feedback/survey, this will enroll you into Kmart’s Sweepstakes.

Contact Information – Kmart Corporation

  • Head Office Address: Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States
  • Phone Number: (847) 286-2500
  • Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-377-8634
  • Email ID: [email protected]

About – Kmart Corporation®

About Kmart Corporation

About Kmart Corporation

It is a big box department store chain that has its headquarters in Illinois, the USA. It is what America is all about, bigger and better.

The initial corporation was incorporated back in 1899 by the name of S.S.Kresge Corporation. However, the first store that Kmart opened was in 1962.

An interesting fact about Kmart that most of you might not be familiar with is that Kmart is actually a subsidiary of Transform SR Brands LLC. Although, from 2005 till 2019, it was a subsidiary of Sear Holding Corporation.

About Kmart Corporation

About Kmart Corporation

By the year of 1994, Kmart had 2,485 stores at a global scale out of which almost 2,300+ discount stores and Super Kmart Centers were based in the USA.

Map for Kmart Stores Near You

Start your Kmart Feedback Survey

We grew up with Kmart around us. All of us have been going to Kmart since we were toddlers.

Now! They have given us a chance to tell them about what we think about their products and services. If we do this, they will give us the opportunity to win something BIG.

So, what are you waiting for? Press the below button RIGHT NOW and claim that $500 Gift Card.


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