MyKfcExperience- Survey

Mykfcexperience survey is a system KFC introduced KFC guests can do Surveys and provide feedback. In this place, people like us can appreciate their food and service or complain about something we didn’t like. If you have recently visited KFC, you can submit your experience at

Using the KFC survey codes, which can be found on the purchase receipt, you can enter their survey portal. Few questions will be asked to you that are relevant and are based on your personal experience. Those questions will be related to the facility and its cleanliness, taste, customer support, staff behavior, and any other extra feedback you would wish to provide them with. Once the mykfcexperience survey is completed, they will provide you with a survey code immediately, which can be given at any KFC branch’s counter to win a free prize. YES!!! It’s that simple.

MyKfcexperience is the survey that you can do honestly and can win amazing prizes for your KFC survey code. You have to put the survey code on the survey official website. Here you can get details that how you can take a KFC survey.

Let’s get this straight, answering a few questions, and getting a reward. Your time isn’t worth the small rewards they give away you might be thinking. Right? Let’s have a look at what they have to offer. KFC states individuals can win a whopper or a burger, fries, fried wings, burritos, or even some drink as aside.

But wait, that’s not all. You can also win a Go Cup which is a new launch by KFC. A Go Cup is suitable for people to carry it in their car filled with any of their liked appetizers such as fries, wings, boneless chicken, popcorn, etc. and interested yet? I haven’t told you the best part.

However, it’s one prize per person. If you, your family, and your friends eat at KFC often and have made a purchase within the last seven days or if you are like me and go to KFC numerous times a week, you can save yourself a lot of money. However, KFC is not always handing out their Go Cups to people. Being able to win a Go Cup depends on the promotional activity going on at the time of the survey, and if the promotional event is not for the Go Cup don’t be upset, at least you will be able to get other free rewards.

MyKfcExperience Survey Requirements

Like every other survey, just doing the survey is not enough as you might spend time doing it and then finding out you’re not eligible for it, it gets frustrating, and people end up losing trust in doing surveys. For that reason, the KFC survey has certain conditions that every customer must meet and follow to be eligible for the survey and its reward. Some of the requirements for the KFC survey are listed below:

  • You must be 18 years old or older when taking the survey.
  • The invoice should have a valid KFC guest which has not become outdated (within 7 days of purchase).
  • You must know English or Spanish for taking the KFC survey.
  • A resident of the UK, USA, or Canada can participate in this survey, and the purchase must be made within that country also.

How to take Survey?

Here are the steps that you have to follow to take the survey.

  • Visit the official mykfcexperience site-
  • Now as you have seen the requirements, you should have a valid receipt with a survey code.
  • Enter the code as mentioned in the image below.

    Survey Code - mykfcexperience

    Survey Code – mykfcexperience

  • Add the survey code and the date and click on the start.
  • Now there will be a number of questions that you have to answer, answer them correctly and you will complete the survey.
  • In the end, you will get a code, note that code on your receipt.

Questions Asked in KFC Survey

Now you will be asked to read through the conditions set by KFC which will notify you if you are illegible of winning a reward or not. The terms that are stated there are relatively simple and straightforward, and KFC doesn’t want to disappoint their guests by not awarding them with a reward at the end of them putting in their time to complete the survey.

Once you have accepted their conditions, you can move on to answering myKFCexperience survey questions. The following are the questions that you have to answer to qualify for the survey rewards.

  • In the first question, you will be asked for your overall experience on your visit to a KFC branch. Based on your experience and level of satisfaction, the answerable options are given out in a multiple-choice question layout from which the guest must choose. This makes answering the questions quick and easy for the guests while finding out the exact information which is needed by KFC.
  • The second question will be related to the quality of service provided by the staff members but will mainly focus on food. Once again, the answerable options are given out in a multiple-choice question layout from which the guest must choose.
  • The third question mainly focuses on staff members than anything else.
  • The next question is about their branch location and how easy it is to find and access. Once again, the answerable options are given out in a multiple-choice question layout from which the guest must choose.
  • Now the next section allows the guests to write feedback in writing. This part is essential as not all complaints and issues can be addressed by KFC and be listed in the survey.
  • The final part of the survey is a simple ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ question. Will you be interested in visiting KFC again? That’s it.

It is my understanding that some questions may vary depending on the country a guest is a resident of or doing a survey in. However, one thing is for sure that the questions asked in myKFCexperience survey will most definitely be associated with your visit to KFC.

Once you have answered all the questions, you must then provide them with your personal information/details. These details are nothing more than your Name, DOB, Address, Email ID, and your Phone Number. Upon successfully entering your details and double-checking them (don’t want the reward code to go to someone else) click ‘Finish’ and you’re done, now you will get a survey validation code.

Benefits of using Mykfcexperience

As we all know, KFC is known for its fried chicken products and their hospitality.

How many fried chicken products is it possible for a large franchise like KFC to produce and make a profit from it? Not much is there, there are always limitations, especially when public health is involved. How many items do you think there are on KFC’s menu? 20, 50, 100, 200? There are more than THREE HUNDRED items in KFC’s menu list around the world, can you believe that.

You may be thinking now how so many food products were made and why is it that we haven’t heard about them yet? Well, we are the reason behind them. Yes, the US! KFC has the propensity to prepare menus according to the geopolitical locations. For example, one part of the United Kingdom prefers having beef and bacon in their food while the other part of the United Kingdom can only eat Halal. Keeping this kind of information in consideration as well as listening to the local people, KFC amends and prepare their menu differently.

You can write to KFC to amend a product or ask them to introduce a new one if they think you are correct and an alternative product can be launched, and they will do so. This is the reason why KFC is one of the largest restaurant chains in the world and is always busy.

Rewards for Participating in MyKFCExperience

Upon participation at the KFC customer satisfaction survey, you can also get the following rewards.

  • At the end of the Survey, you will get a validation code of free coupon that can be redeemed at your next visit at KFC.
  • KFC loves hearing from its customers, and they always appreciate their honest feedback. Therefore, you can also get a chance to win KFC Go Cups for the gratitude of the time you spent in partaking in the Survey.

You will be glad to know that some lucky customers can even get up to $1000 as a reward. Those lucky ones will be contacted through email addresses for the prize distribution.

Frequently Ask Questions


The purchase receipt is an invitation to a survey from the restaurant to get a customer’ opinions about their services. If you have a recent purchase receipt, then you can take the Survey anytime.


You only need a purchase receipt from KFC, where the unique code is printed. Then, Open the internet browser at your smart operating device and navigate to


Only the residents of the USA and any other country, who conducts such an online survey, are eligible to give their opinions.


The success of KFC is mostly dependent upon its high-quality standards in every aspect. And it can only be attained if a business hears the customer’s opinion, suggestion, feedback, and takes robust actions accordingly. KFC follows this principle through the Mykfcexperience survey.


Not everyone can get those rewards except a few lucky ones. Luckily, if you’re one of those, then the company will contact you through the email address or phone number you’ve provided during the Survey.


Well, you will not ask any personal questions during the Survey. The questionnaire consists of a few simple questions regarding food that you eat, the environment of the store that you recently visited.


Every necessary information to precede the Survey is printed over the receipt. If by any chance, there’s not survey code, then you can start the Survey by entering additional details, including the time, date, store number, and a ticket number.

Wrapping up!

Let’s be honest, big international companies though they run and are successful because of us, and they don’t care about what we have to say about the product they are selling. All they want to know is if their facilities are clean and how their staff is performing and behaving with the customer. Some companies do ask for feedback about their food but are not willing to make a change.

KFC, on the other hand, is a totally different ball game. They created a personalized portal for their guests (MyKFCexperience) where people can go to vote, and KFC makes sure that their customers’ grievance is heard carefully and also acted upon. In return for the valuable time of their guests, KFC goes a step further by offering them rewards.

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