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FedEx is an international delivery company and taking a study @ It was founded as Federal Express Corporation in 1971 in the town of little rock, Arkansas. It was a brainchild of Yale university student Fred smith who did his paper for economics class. Now this company has 5 major operating companies.

  • FedEx express
  • FedEx custom critical
  • FedEx ground
  • FedEx freight
  • FedEx trade networks

Operating in 211 countries, FedEx express is the world’s largest shipping company. By 1973 Fred Smith moved this company to Memphis, TN, and had 14 plans that delivered packages to 25 States.

Being an international delivery company, FedEx decided to design a survey for its customers to know about their services and to know the public opinion about its services are good or bad.

FedEx Survey Details

Surveys are one of the primary vehicles for collecting public feedback about any company, brand, or product. Different companies adopt different ways to collect information about their performance and to know public opinion to improve their services. FedEx also began a customer survey to understand the remarks of customers and named it FedEx; we listen.

The latest survey on you will be rewarded with a 10% off coupon. Some unique details are under:

  • End date: December 31st, 2023
  • Prize: 10% off
  • Coupon Prize value: 25 dollars.

FedEx Survey Requirements

A few requirements are necessary to complete the FedEx survey.

  • Participants must provide demographic information, including email telephone number and name.
  • You should also have your account number handy and the receipt of your recent purchase.

FedEx Survey Rules

It’s good to tell you this survey has not many rules as other surveys in which the companies provide hundreds of dollars to their customers. Still, in this survey, FedEx provides a discount to every customer by completing the study, and it does not have such strict rules. But there are some instructions for the participants which are as follows:

  • It can only give a maximum discount of $25
  • Discounts apply only to those orders that are placed at Fedex official or on the online store of FedEx official.

FedEx Survey Reward

After completing the FedEx survey, every participant will get a coupon for the future FedEx purchase, and you can print this coupon after completing the study. The maximum reward is 25 dollars.

How to Complete the FedEx Survey?

Step by step instructions If you want to participate, then the instructions are given below; follow the given steps:

  • Start at
  • It will lead you towards the server page now first off or select your language.

    FedEx Office Choose Language-

    FedEx Office Choose Language

  • Review the terms and conditions before beginning.
  • Select what kind of service you used and the date of service. Specifics including the time of day, estimation of wait time for your delivery, and other details may be needed depending on your type of service.

    FedEx Office Service Type

    FedEx Office Service Type

  • Be sure to have your receipt available for reference.
  • Answer the questions honestly and tell them which service you require more and state how likely you would be to recommend FedEx to your family and friends.
  • Leave a comment on your experience.

    FedEx Office Transaction Number

    FedEx Office Transaction Number has an online chat available by going to the site and clicking on the customer support center link.

You can also email FedEx by choosing a link such as FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Office, FedEx Custom Critical, or FedEx Trade Networks.

FedEx is also available by phone at 1(800)463-3339. (There is other contact information that can be found on the website for participants outside of the United States.)

You can find FedEx on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest and online at FedEx Office.


As you have read, in this article, I have given information about the Survey. It has stepped to step guidelines to complete this survey. Anyone can get help by reading this article. I have tried to answer the questions which are mostly asked by the readers. It has all the rules and regulations necessary for participating in this Survey.

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