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We all have been to the D&W Fresh Market on a daily basis although, you might have never entered the D&W Fresh Market with an intention to get your hands on a $1,000 Gift Card. Have you ever thought about this?

D&W Fresh Market is giving us a chance by conducting a sweepstake competition carrying a bumper prize of almost $1,000. You would only have to leave them your precious feedback regarding the products quality, customer dealing by staff, and overall ambiance of their store.

They require your valuable feedback to make their business grow and make it much better for the future to come. They need your suggestions to make major improvements in their stores.

For this purpose, D&W Fresh Market has started to take the D&W Fresh Market Customer Satisfaction Survey by visiting the site of www.DWFreshMarketSurvey.com.

Note: Your type of review doesn’t matter, and it will not be held against you or decline your probability to get the D&W Fresh Market Sweepstake  (www.DWFreshMarketSurvey.com) $1,000 Gift Card. It can be a favourable review, or it can be a criticism. Nevertheless, it must be honest.

D&W Fresh Market Survey Sweepstake Prize

D&W Fresh Market Survey Sweepstake Prize

D&W Fresh Market Survey Sweepstake Prize

If you take the time to take the D&WFreshMarketSurvey at www.D&WFreshMarketSurvey.com, you can get a chance to win a $1,000 GIFT CARD. Who does that?

Well, your favourite D&W Fresh Market knows your style and wants to collect your honest and genuine feedback. It can be criticism or a simple applause, all we know is that they welcome feedback and give us sweet prizes in return.

Details About D&W Fresh Market Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.D&WFreshMarketSurvey.com

Retail Company D&W Fresh Market®
Survey Name D&W Fresh Market Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website www.D&WFreshMarketSurvey.com
Survey Requirements – D&W Fresh Market Purchase Receipt (containing the survey code)

– Valid Email ID

– Valid Contact Information

Survey Prize $1,000 Gift Card
Survey Type Online
Survey Limit 1 Receipt Per Person (1 Survey per person in one month)
Language – English
Country Residents of the USA
Age 18 Years and above
Customer Care No. 1-888-880-yes1 (9371)

D&W Fresh Market Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.DWFreshMarketSurvey.com Rules (Terms & Conditions)

As always we will not let you go ill-prepared to take the survey. We are going to educate you first regarding the terms & conditions of the DWFreshMarketSurvey so you know beforehand what you are getting into.

  • Restriction of Age: 18 Years or more. DWFreshMarketSurvey only caters to those people who are 18 years or above, a person younger than that cannot take part in their sweepstake contest.
  • Limit of Time: You can take the survey within the 7 days of your purchase at DWFreshMarketSurvey.
  • Prize (Cash): If you are able to get your hands on the $1000 Gift Card, then you cannot transfer your prize to anyone, or exchange it for something of your choice. So, the prize you will win is both non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
  • Countries: Only residents of the USA can take part in the competition.
  • Personnel Restrictions: Everyone can take the survey except for people working at D&W Fresh Market.
  • Receipt Restriction: Any customer who has made a recent purchase from D&W Fresh Market can take part in the survey only once every month.

Requirements for the D&W Fresh Market Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.DWFreshMarketSurvey.com

If you fall under the following criteria set by D&W Fresh Market, then you are fully eligible to take part in the DWFreshMarketSurvey:

  • Receipt of purchase from D&W Fresh Market which shouldn’t be more than 7 days old. Secondly, only the residents of the USA can take part in DWFreshMarketSurvey.
  • A valid Email ID and Contact Information is required.
  • You can take the survey only in English
  • All of the required Duty or Charges must be paid by the winner if any.
  • The prizes that you will win at D&W Fresh Market are non-transferable to anyone.
  • Your internet connection must be working correctly so communication of any kind from D&W Fresh Market can be made via PC, Smartphone, or Laptop.

Steps to Fill the DWFreshMarketSurvey at www.DWFreshMarketSurvey.com

If you have read the terms and conditions along with the rules and requirements, and you fall under the eligibility criteria to appear in the DWFreshMarketSurvey, then here’s how you can do it.

    1. Click on the button below to start your survey at www.DWFreshMarketSurvey.com.
    2. Now enter the D&W Fresh Market Survey Code (from your receipt) on the survey portal.

      Survey Code

      Survey Code

    3. After filling, click on the Start
    4. There you will see that the survey questions will be presented in front of you. They will ask you about the staff behaviour, store ambiance, and their product’s qualities. Try answering each question honestly.
    5. The question’s answers will be in the format of scale e. 0 to 10.
    6. After completing thoroughly all of the questions, you have to provide your contact details.
  1. When done with the above step, click on Next.
  2. This will confirm your entry in the D&W Fresh Market Sweepstake.

Contact Information – D&W Fresh Market’s DWFreshMarketSurvey at www.DWFreshMarketSurvey.com

  • Head Office Address: Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
  • Phone Number: 1-800-451-8500
  • Customer Care Phone Number: 1-888-880-yes1 (9371)
  • Email ID: DWFreshMarketSurvey

About – D&W Fresh Market

About - D&W Fresh Market

About – D&W Fresh Market


SpartanNash is the owner of the grocery store chain named D&W Fresh Market. It has 11 stores in total and out of which 9 stores are located in the southwestern Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

Map for D&W Fresh Market Stores Near You

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D&W Fresh Market has helped us so many times over the year with providing us with the best of the best products in a very reasonable price range.

Start the D&W Fresh Market survey RIGHT NOW! And it’s time we give them our survey so they can use that knowledge to create a better future for our children and get our hands on the precious $1000 Gift Card that we all are craving for.


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