Access MCD – McDonald’s internet portal

AccessMCD is a Learning portal where McDonald’s employees can attend virtual classes on various topics, including food preparation, menu support, customer handling, and more. Also, they can get the latest news, including the regular work schedule.

AccessMCD internet portal is meant to improve the management of employees and to make them comfortable by sharing relevant information quickly. Besides, they keep on updating it and fix the problems; employees are coming across while using it.

McDonald’s ensures a high level of security for the Accessmcd portal; therefore, the company provides you unique username and password to log in. Any misuse of this portal is strictly prohibited, and only authorized users can log in to their accounts.

AccessMCD portal

AccessMcd portal disseminates Information, including payroll data and work schedules, on a real-time basis, which can assist employees in managing their schedules.

Only the registered employees can get access to it by the Information provided by the company itself.

Not just the employees, store managers, directors, and finance managers also have access to it, from where they can manage and update the works schedules.

Access MCD Portal

Access MCD Portal

Employees can also keep track of details about their work. Similarly, McDonald’s can also keep track of details such as several times an employee visited the portal and the classes he has attended so far.

Benefits for the Users of Accessmcd portal

There are several benefits users can avail of by making good use of this portal which are as follows:

One-Click Information at AccessMcd

Employers and other managing staff can get the details of any franchise or employees in just one click. This has genuinely made all the managing process much convenient and rapid.

Global class training

The standard of their training is up to the mark. Virtual classes are conducted by the professional of the field to educate their employees towards their job and make them able to learn skills that would be extremely beneficial for both.

High School Support

High school support is also provided to their employees to motivate themselves.

Veteran Program

Since McDonald’s is committed to serving its veterans, therefore, they create good career opportunities for themselves and their family too. This portal can be used to get the necessary details of the veteran program.

Hamburger University

Those users who have scored well in tests and each course are encouraged by the company. And they can get a chance of getting entry into Hamburger University. The university, which was established back in 1961, almost 80,000 employees have been graduated by studying various aspects of restaurant management. And started working as restaurant managers, mid-managers, and owner-operators at different workplaces.

Fee assistance program at Accessmcd

Through using this portal, one can get information about the fee assistance program.

Also, AccessMCD users can enjoy special offers at McDonald’s and many other perks too.

AccessMCD login

This is how you can log in to AccessMCD:

  • Open your Internet browser and Click Here to access to AccessMCD portal.
  • Make sure you’ve correct credential details before logging into the account.
  • Choose the country and language from the options located in the upper right corner.
  • Put both your username and password in the appropriate boxes on the page.
  • Re-check the details and click on the login button.
  • Restaurant crew can also sign in from social accounts like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo LinkedIn, with your McDonald’s ID.

No worries if you can’t remember either your exact username or password. Just read the steps written below, and you’ll get to know how to retrieve your account details.

How to Reset Your AccessMCD Password and ID?

It just takes your additional few seconds if you know exactly how to do it.

  • For resetting your password, on the Accessmcd site, click the red colored forgot password Link, in the middle of the boxes.
  • A new window will be open where you’ve to put an account ID.

    Enter Account ID - AccessMCD

    Enter Account ID – AccessMCD

  • Enter the captcha displaying on the picture in the box.
  • Refresh the captcha if you couldn’t understand the letters.
  • Click next to proceed.
  • Now, follow the instruction provided on the respective page where one can retrieve your password.

The process of resetting the Accessmcd accounts ID is a little different from the process mentioned above.

Click on the forgot username link marked in red next to the username field.

  • Select the country where you’re an employee of McDonald’s outlet.
  • You can approach the customer care of the respective country during the selective period from the link or contact no given on the page.

Employee’s Benefits at McDonald’s

Got training from accessmcd? Here are some perks you need to know about. McDonald’s is promising to provide an extensive range of perks to its employees. Reasonable pay, McDperks, World-Class Training, Diversity in Workplace, Veteran Programme, Hamburger University, Flexible Working Schedule are some of the noticeable benefits; employees can get.

Reasonable Pay

McDonald’s pride itself by paying its employees the most competitive pay if we compare it to others. Even if you are newly recruited, you can earn a handsome monthly income. However, wages can vary from location to location.


Employees can get special discounts on selective outlets. They can save money on groceries, tickets, and meals purchased at the restaurant.

Flexible Schedules

The working schedule of employees is designed in such a way that one can comfortably manage it. Along with your working schedule, you can live you’re comfortable with a piece of mind and can easily give time to other aspects too. Professional Training To make their well-efficient future managers, finance managers, McDonald’s focuses on training its employees. For this, they conduct online classes which are very productive, as described earlier in the article. Besides, employees who have proven themselves through the tests can get entry into Hamburger University.

Professional Training

To make their well-efficient future managers, finance managers, McDonald’s focuses on training its employees. For this, they conduct online classes which are very productive, as described earlier in the article. Besides, employees who have proven themselves through the tests can get entry into Hamburger University.

Rewards for Employee

To encourage the hard workers and sincerity of restaurant employees, special rewards are also bestowed among such employees. Bonuses are also awarded among employees, depending upon the performance every month.

Commitment to Serve the Veterans

McDonald’s is highly committed to serving its Veterans. They have launched a special program for Veterans in which they’ve created management jobs for them. Also, the veteran spouse retirement program is serving the American Military’s man.

Diversity in Work Place

Have you ever observed the employees of McDonald’s Restaurant? You’ll find diversity among the employees; this is due to the company’s policy. Equal opportunities for citizens create this diversity.

Tuition Assistance Program

Employees can also get money for courses at accredited colleges and universities.

How Can One Become an Employee at McDonald’s?

With the policy of equal employment opportunities, McDonald’s Corporation never discriminates against any applicant on any basis. Candidates having a disability will get reasonable accommodation as per the American Disabilities Act. A candidate must be 16 years of age at the time of application.

However, Independent Franchises are responsible for recruiting employees as per their roles. Also, Franchises are responsible for any employer firing, hiring, discipline, supervision, and scheduling. You can search for ads of vacant posts at privately owned McDonald’s on social media.

For getting assistance regarding completing the forms or about another application process, contact at [email protected] This contact email will work only for corporately owned McDonald’s locations.

Visit and choose the country where you want to start a job, and you’ll find the list of vacant jobs there. Drop your resume and fill out the forms. Make sure you’ve entered the correct information. You’ll be contacted soon via telephone or email.

Positions Available at McDonald’s

  • Shift Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Drive-Thru Cashier
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Cashier
  • Crew Member
  • Closer
  • Drive-Thru Crew Member

More about McDonald’s

McDonald s is an American based Food Chain Restaurant founded back in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. Its headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois, USA.


McDonald’s became a franchising company in 1955 when Ray Kroc discovered it. At that time, both brothers were using eight machines in the San Bernardino restaurant. Afterward. Many changes were made, which made their company grow at an exponential pace. Last year, it became the first-ever business using artificial intelligence for customer care service.

Variety of Fast Food

Although McDonald’s is well-known for its hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and French fries there is a wide variety, you must try for once. Its menu includes All day breakfast, Beverages, breakfast, burgers, chicken and sandwiches, combo deals, happy deals, deserts, and many more. McDonald’s ensures that its product is of good quality and in kitchens; staff takes good care of hygienic measures.

Facts and Figures

By revenue, McDonald’s is the largest chain across the world, operating in 120 countries and serving 68 Million Clients every day. With a total of 27855 outlets and 1.7 Million employees, McDonald’s is 2nd largest employer in the world. To manage a huge employee base, they’ve launched the AccessMCD portal. It is the 90th largest economy in the world and the most successful fast-food business in the USA.

MacDonald has a lot of such services as accessmcd for its customers and employees. Mcdvoice is one of them.

McDonald’s – Social Media Handles

You should join the social media handles of McDonald’s and get yourself updated with the new opportunities that McDonald’s bring for its customers on a regular basis. Here are the top Social Media Handles of McDonald’s:

McDonald’s Near You

Contact Information – McDonald’s

  • Head Office Address: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 800-244-6227
  • Customer Care Phone Number: (630) 623-3000
  • Email ID: [email protected]

AccessMCD Portal – Summing Up

AccessMCD portal has brought much easiness for McDonald’s employees since its launch. Due to insufficient details on the website, it can be difficult for employees to use it. So, we’ve gathered complete detail and important points in one place about accessmcd for you. If you’re coming across any of the confusion, let us know in the lower comment section.

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